20 October 2014
service update

Gogo Inc. (NASDAQ: GOGO) announces that its subsidiary, Gogo Business Aviation LLC, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions to the business aviation market, has added moving map capabilities to Gogo Vision, the company's on-demand in-flight entertainment (IFE) and information service.

Moving map capabilities have been seamlessly integrated into the Gogo Vision in-flight experience and are now included without additional fees.

The first service of its kind in business aviation, Gogo Vision offers a large library of the latest movies and TV episodes, which can be updated as often as the aircraft owner wishes, as well as news, flight progress information, destination weather, and now, moving maps. Gogo Vision service is delivered in the aircraft by Gogo's UCS 5000 system – business aviation's first all-in-one smart router and media server. Passengers can access Gogo Vision on a wide variety of personal, Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as tablets and laptops.

John Wade, Gogo Business Aviation's executive vice president and general manager, said, "Gogo Vision is a pioneering service – it's business aviation's only turn-key IFE solution that includes content from the big entertainment studios and the unprecedented option of fully-automatic updates on the ground. Today's announcement gives Gogo Vision customers the moving map features they want, right at their fingertips alongside movies, TV episodes, news, weather and other information."

Key Moving Map Features for Gogo Vision

1. An innovative "flight progress bar" on Gogo Vision's home screen gives passengers an intuitive depiction of the aircraft's current destination and flight time remaining, along with a destination weather icon. The progress bar is visible on Gogo Vision's main screen at all times, making it easy for passengers to get a quick, "at-a-glance" synopsis of their flight's progress.

2. A real-time moving map provides a birds-eye view of the aircraft's position, route previously traveled, planned route to destination, current altitude & ground speed, arrival time, destination weather and more. Passengers can adjust zoom, switch between satellite, terrain and standard map display modes, and select full- or partial-screen views.

3. An innovative graphical user interface (GUI) allows passengers to view moving map features, then easily return to their previous activity – such as watching a movie, TV episode or news feature – simply by touching the screen and without losing their place.

Gogo Vision – Additional Information

Rather than being a "bring your own" approach, Gogo Vision content is stored in an on-board server and streamed directly to personal electronic devices such as tablets and laptops. The library of content aboard the aircraft can be refreshed as often as the aircraft owner chooses. Because Gogo has distribution and licensing agreements with the biggest names in global entertainment – including NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox, Disney Studios, Lionsgate, IFC Films, Miramax, Magnolia Films and Discovery Communications – Gogo Vision offers many of the most popular titles.

In another first for business aviation, Gogo Vision customers have the option of fully-automatic content updates via Gogo Cloud – Gogo's new, nationwide content distribution network. Available at select Signature Flight Support locations, Gogo Cloud uses Wi-Fi technology to automatically load a 30-minute TV episode in approximately 60 seconds or a feature-length movie in about three minutes when the aircraft arrives. No interaction from the flight crew or maintenance personnel is required.

Gogo Vision is a proven solution – beyond the business aviation market, it is now flying on more than 1,500 commercial airline aircraft in the U.S. and other regions of the world.

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