12 October 2017

Effervescent also known as carbon tablets, are those tablets which are designed to release carbon dioxide by dissolving in water. Effervescence is reaction of acid and base producing carbon dioxide. Since effervescent products have ability to get dissolved before they’re ingested, they allow active ingredient of $@!#% to get dispersed quickly thereby speeding up adsorption and bioavailability. In addition, effervescent bases provide excellent environment for moisture sensitive active ingredients which eliminates risk of hydrolysis. These tablets are becoming increasingly popular owing to number of advantageous such as pleasant taste as compared to regular tablets, ability to easily dissolved into water or any other liquid and provide more efficient way of taking supplements or medication.

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The most common type of packaging is foil packets and tubes. In addition, special secondary packaging including side-sealed bags, wallet packs and special tray can also be used for packaging of effervescent tablets. Aluminium foil strips provide excellent packaging material due to their ability of high resistance to water and gases and non-toxic and immune to microbial attack thereby protecting tablets for longer duration. In addition, heat sealed foil pouches are also used for packaging of effervescent tablets. Tubes are another commonly used packaging material in which tablets are enclosed in small tubes with closures that can be opened or closed easily. Effervescent packaging comes in different size and diameters depending on the unit size of the tablets.

Effervescent Packaging Market Segmentation:

By Packaging Type:

• Primary Packaging
o Tubes
o Stick Packs
o Foils
o Pouches

• Secondary Packaging
o Corrugate Shippers
o Paperboard Cartons

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