15 November 2017
Frozen Pizza Market

Pizza, which originated in Italy, consumed as a snack all over the world. As a European dish it is a flat round bread basically topped with tomato sauce and cheese along with additional toppings like vegetables, meat, flavorings, etc. and baked for eating. Pizza now a days, is available in both fresh and frozen forms. The frozen pizza is one of the favorite fast foods available today, especially in North America and Europe. Over the years, the frozen pizza market has gained popularity, due to its easy availability and ready to eat property which makes it a convenience fast food and saves the time for cooking.  

The frozen pizzas are now coming with all natural ingredients that make it more desirable for its consumers. The frozen pizza market began to gain popularity as a convenience fast food, as one can directly bake and eat in the home itself. This saves the cooking time and enables the consumers to enjoy their favorite snack at home or outside. The frozen pizzas are similar to their conventional forms except, they are preserved in the frozen state. The frozen pizza market comes with a range of varieties and toppings.

The frozen fast foods have recently observed revivals owing to the fact that they are now gaining traction of consumers by appearing in all natural ingredients and no-preservatives and also coming in various forms and flavors in the stores and online retail.

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The global Frozen Pizza market can be segmented on the basis of Crust, Toppings, Size and Distribution Channel.

On the basis of Crust, the frozen pizza market can be segmented into pan pizza, thin crust pizza, stuffed crust pizza and others. The others sub-segment includes multigrain crust, crispy crust, ultra-thin crust, garlic bread crust, etc. The pan pizza and thin crust pizza are gaining popularity over the conventional pizzas. The stuffed crust pizza primarily comes with a cheese stuffing along with additional ingredients. 

Based on the Toppings segment, the frozen pizza market can be sub-segmented into cheese toppings, meat toppings and vegetable toppings. The cheese toppings include four cheese pizza (a combination of 4 cheese types), margherita and extra cheese (burst/ overload) pizzas. The meat toppings sub-segments include bacon, ham, pepperoni, chicken, etc., toppings. Vegetable topping pizzas come with a variety of mixed vegetable options such as onion, capsicum, corn, mushroom, spinach, etc. and they also include some fruit toppings such as pineapple.

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On the basis of Size, the frozen pizza market can be sub-segmented into small, medium and large pizzas. The small pizza can be sized in between 6” to 10” in diameter, accordingly the medium size pizzas can be from 12”-16” in diameter and large size can be from 16’’ to above diameters.

The frozen pizza market, on the basis of Distribution Channel can be sub-segmented into direct and indirect distribution. The direct distribution takes place from B2B. The indirect distribution network will include modern trade formats (hypermarket/ supermarket), specialty stores, retailers, online retail and other retail formats.

Global Market Drivers and Restraints:-

On the backdrop of the innumerable consumption of frozen pizzas and rising consumer awareness over frozen foods, the global frozen pizza market is anticipated to grow at a substantial CAGR. The major driver for frozen pizza market is the increasing demand for convenient and instant food products. Use of organic and natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives also acts a driver of the frozen pizza market. Some other factors responsible for driving the demand of this product are- ready to eat meal and use of high quality ingredients.

The trends in the frozen pizza market include tastier and healthier frozen pizzas with natural ingredients.

The use of preservatives for longer shelf life act as the major restraints for the frozen pizza market.

Regional Outlook:-

Europe and North America are the key regions driving the Frozen Pizza market in terms of production and consumption, followed by Latin America and Asia Pacific.

North America frozen pizza market is likely to grow in the near future due to their higher per capita consumption of cheese products.

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Key Players:-

Some of the key players who are driving the frozen pizza market are Nestle S.A. (DiGiorno), McCain Foods Ltd, No Limit, LLC (Newman’s Own), Dr. Oetker UK Ltd (Ristorante), California Pizza Kitchen, Inc., Connies Pizza, Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., Daiya Foods Inc. and others.

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