07-11-2017 Houston, Texas. Lifestyle audio brand SoundWhiz has made National news this week on tech review show NewsWatch. The ANC network aired their Summer Technologies segment just one day before Prime Day, highlighting some of the best brands and deals in headphones and other technology during Amazon’s Prime Week sales frenzy.

Amongst the deals available this week, Amazon Best Seller the SoundWhiz Turbo should be front of mind for all those seeking superior Bluetooth sports headphones. Amanda Forstrom, expert technology reporter for NewsWatch said: “It has powerful sound with resonant bass, clear vocals, and sparkling trebles. Designed for comfort with a secure fit, it can last a week on a single charge”.

SoundWhiz Co-Founder Sue Prentice explains “Music is a surprisingly powerful way to improve your personal performance, particularly in fitness while running or for gym repetitions. We made the Turbo with a powerful sound profile to maximize this impact so you feel unstoppable! We have one thing in mind in everything we do, and that is supplying products that will ultimately motivate others to reach their full potential and we focus on reflecting this in our products. We were delighted to receive an Amazon best seller badge recently, a testament to how our users are spreading the word while enjoying their Bluetooth Turbo headphones”.

If you’ve been looking for a set of on-ear Bluetooth headphones to simply enjoy quality sounding music, Forstrom also identifies the SymphoniQ as a great option. The product recently won a place on Indiegogo’s innovation marketplace for its unique semi-open back design leading to outstanding sound performance compared to other wireless headphones.

Releasing a timely insight to what’s next for this lifestyle sports audio brand, NewsWatch also announced the pre-Launch of the new SoundWhiz Sprint true wireless earbuds. Forstrom notes: “These tiny in-ear buds deliver powerful sound for your workouts purpose designed for stability, to handle vigorous workouts”.

Said Sue Prentice “Both connection stability and in-ear security are paramount design criteria for completely wireless sports earbuds, and the market has been disappointed with the performance of these essential features in true wireless products to date. We’re taking our time to get this rightso our brand advocates can enjoy their activity without constant connection drop outs or adjustments while in use.”

You can register your interest to pre-order with a significant pre-launch discount on soundwhiz.com.

Together NewsWatch and SoundWhiz bring you outstanding deals for Prime week and throughout July 2017. Watch a replay of the NewsWatch segment and find out more about the latest available deals. Alternatively, so find out more about SoundWhiz, please visit https://www.soundwhiz.com/.


Sue Prentice
Co-Founder at SoundWhiz

SoundWhiz is a Lifestyle audio brand focused on helping people feel unstoppable with music. Since opening doors in 2015, SoundWhiz has inspired runners worldwide with their flagship product, the SoundWhiz Turbo running headphones. To motivate with music, SoundWhiz recognizes the importance of a distraction-free listening experience, designing and manufacturing wireless headphones that emphasize comfort, convenience and above all, outstanding sound. To learn how music motivates, and why people are flocking to SoundWhiz in 2017, visit https://www.soundwhiz.com

Other source links:
https://www.soundwhiz.com/pages/true-wireless-earbuds (pre-launch discount)
https://www.soundwhiz.com/pages/bluetooth-sports-headphones (NewsWatch segment)

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