25 July 2017
Used Forklifts

The Benefits of Buying Used Forklifts @ Demetriades Handling UK Ltd
• You get a fully working and operational piece of equipment, serviced by hardware experts who have been in business since 2001.
• We make sure that you can get access to full forklifts, forklift parts and various add-ons that you can use.
• We also provide after-sales services to make sure that any used forklift you buy can be trusted to perform time and time again.
• Alongside our forklifts we offer equipment like high-pressure washers, blasting equipment and maintenance to ensure that your forklift can be utilized in any way that you might wish.

With our assistance, and as a major supplier in the UK forklift industry, we can be the cost-effective, time-sensitive solution that you need. If you would like to invest in a proper forklift that works, is secure and is affordable, then contact us today for further details – we would love to assist.

For more information visit the company website http://www.demetriadeshandling.uk

Media Contact:
Company: Demetriades Handling (Forklifts) UK Ltd
Owner Name: Demetris
Address: Place Farm, Place Farm Lane,
Doddinghurst, Essex CM15 0JA
Phone: 0800 0320 405
Email: info@demetriadeshandling.uk

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