Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis:
The Interactive Whiteboard Market was worth USD 295.35 million in 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 504.11 million by 2023, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.12% during the forecast period.

An intelligent whiteboard (IWB) is an interactive display that can be associated with a PC. A projector is used to show the work area of the associated PC onto the whiteboard screen. The whiteboard screen can be controlled with the assistance of a stylus, pen, or the human finger. IWBs are made use of by instructive foundations to build communication and cooperation among students. Whiteboards help to boost the level of interest of students by using multimedia content. Information introduced or composed on IWBs can be effortlessly altered or stored. Additionally, making use of the gesture recognition technology accessible in specific whiteboards, consumer experience is improved. Rising interests in the education division have expanded the adoption of innovation in classrooms, driving the IWB market.

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Market Classification:
Interactive Whiteboard Market, By End User, Estimates and Forecast, 2014-2023($Billion)

Interactive Whiteboard Market, By Type, Estimates and Forecast, 2014-2023($Billion)
Resistive Membrane
Laser Scanner

Interactive Whiteboard Market, By Size, Estimates and Forecast, 2014-2023($Billion)

Type Outlook and Trend Analysis:
Based on type, the market is fragmented into infrared, resistive membrane, ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and laser scanner. Whiteboards are likewise made use of by government organizations for promotional occasions.

End User Outlook and Trend Analysis:
In view of end-use selection, the market is sectioned into corporate, education, and government. In 2015, the education fragment was the biggest end-user of IWBs. Because of the enhanced learning forms managed by them, the notoriety of IWBs is expanding in the training segment.

The Interactive Whiteboard is segmented as follows-
By Type:
Laser Scanner
Resistive Membrane

By End User:

By Size:

Research Methodology:
We use both primary as well as secondary research for our market surveys, estimates and for developing forecast. Our research process commence by analyzing the problem which enable us to design the scope for our research study. Our research process is uniquely designed with enough flexibility to adjust according to changing nature of products and markets, while retaining core element to ensure reliability and accuracy in research findings. We understand both macro and micro-economic factors to evaluate and forecast different market segments.

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Table of Contents:
2.Executive Summary
3.Market Overview
4.Interactive Whiteboard Market, By End User
4.2.Global Interactive Whiteboard Sales, Revenue and Market Share by End User (2014-2017)
4.2.1.Global Interactive Whiteboard Sales and Sales Share by End User (2014-2017)
4.2.2.Global Interactive Whiteboard Revenue and Revenue Share by End User (2014-2017)
4.3.Interactive Whiteboard MarketAssessment and Forecast, By End User, 2014-2023
4.4.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
4.5.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
4.6.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
5.Interactive Whiteboard Market, By Type
5.2.Global Interactive Whiteboard Sales, Revenue and Market Share by Type (2014-2017)
5.2.1.Global Interactive Whiteboard Sales and Sales Share by Type (2014-2017)
5.2.2.Global Interactive Whiteboard Revenue and Revenue Share by Type (2014-2017)
5.3.Interactive Whiteboard MarketAssessment and Forecast, By Type, 2014-2023
5.4.Resistive Membrane
5.4.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
5.5.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
5.6.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
5.7.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)
5.8.Laser Scanner
5.8.1.Market Assessment and Forecast, By Region, 2014-2023($Billion)

Size Outlook and Trend Analysis:
Based on size, the IWB market is additionally fragmented into medium-sized, small, and large IWBs. Of these, medium-sized IWBs were the biggest fragment of the market in 2015. Considering the price and space constraints, medium-sized whiteboards have the most astounding rate of adoption.

Regional Outlook and Trend Analysis:
Asia Pacific drove the IWB market in 2015 and is foreseen to rule the market all through the estimate time frame. This development is essentially because of substantial interests in the training segment and the expansive understudy populace in this district. Additionally, Middle East and Latin America are expected to encounter relentless development in the IWB market in the coming a long time because of the developing impact of the instruction area.

Competitive Insights:
The leading players in the market are Smart Technologies, Samsung, Sharp Corporation, Epson, Mimio, Julong Educational Technology Co Ltd, LG Electronics, Promethean Power Systems Pvt Ltd and Panasonic. Points of interest, for example, recent developments, financials, business strategies, and other such key data relating to these players have been appropriately given as a major aspect of company profiling.


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